HELIC Ammonia Breath Test with HELIC ABT Reader

HELIC Ammonia Breath Test (HELIC ABT) with HELIC ABT Reader is a ready-to-use test for qualitative detection of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) urease activity in patients with suspected H. pylori infection.

The test-system can be used by clinical diagnostic laboratories, gastroenterologists, physicians, pediatricians and general practitioners. Sensitive composition inside the indicator tube allows the H. pylori infection to be detected without using complicated equipment or radioactive isotope markers. The procedure of analysis lasts about 15 minutes.

The device provides automatic air sampling and reading the color of the indicator tube. The test can also be recommended for children and pregnant women without any special precautions.

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HELIC Ammonia Breath Test

The test is based on a change of ammonia level in a patient’s mouth cavity air after a portion of unlabelled urea 12C was taken. H. pylori produces large amounts of urease, which degrades urea to ammonia. The ammonia is detected in the mouth cavity air by a change of the indicator tube color from yellow or orange to blue, violet or grey-green.

The analysis consists of 2 parts. In Part I the basal ammonia level is detected. In Part II a portion of urea is taken and the load ammonia level is detected. After that the basal and load levels are compared and the conclusion regarding the H. pylori.